Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to Use Digilocker to Store Documents Online ?

As we all are aware of the digital India programme like e challan, and this digilocker is also one of the key initiative of this programme. As a consequence of it today we can store all our documents, certificates,  aadhar card etc online and this amazing is going to help you out. In this article I am basically going to not just tell you all the highlighting features along with the downloading procedure of this digital locker or one can say digilocker but also provide you with a tutorial of using this tool. So let us started,

Objectives  and features of digilocker:

  • Digilocker is the best place where you can store all your important documents like voter ID card,  marksheets and many other certificates like caste certificate, or certificates of any achievements.
  • It provides you with the amazing platform where all your document and stuff is secured without any doubt.
  • Digilocker has got many unbelievable features like it ensures the authenticity of any document first and then it saves it..
  • With the help of this feature you can upload any fake documents.
  • As we can see that if one is able to carry all their documents with themselves making it easy for the govt also to get access to all the documents of every citizen of India. One can store up-to 10 gb of data in digilocker.
  • Digilocker also ensures and guarantees you the best privacy and security of your documents and certificates. And also gives you the opportunity to share your documents securely.

Steps to use digilocker online:  

  • Digilocker is an amazing tool or software that provides you with the user friendly interface as it is very easy to use and to register.
  • All you need is to first login to the digilocker through its official site,  and you can reach to Ita officia website by simply typing digilocker on the search bar of your Google engine.
  • there you have enter your aadhar ID and the captcha shown in your screen.
  • When you will click on 'login' it will send an OTP to your registered mobile number or email ID. Enter the received OTP so as to verify your account and aadhar details. And then you will successfully upload all your documents and stuffs online, the range is up-to 10 Gb in the beginning.