Do You Remember How Online Training Began?

New millennials may choose to laugh, but let it be known that they may not be as smart and savvy with their tools as they are leading others to believe. The sophistry of software and hardware means that there are simply (at least) hundreds of items that need practicing and memorization on. Today’s key-most online training solutions began all those years ago with just one keyboard key known simply as the help button. Along with this important key were nineteen others known simply as performance function keys. The help key was the first key to be utilized at a good rate because it was this key that was going to be teaching all new users.   

The online manuals or recorded versions of it were not all that difficult to follow. Amazing when you consider that this was in an era where new trainees were being placed behind a computer for the very first time in their lives. The problem though was that many of the exercises that these folks were given had its limitations. You would have thought that this was all quite understandable because the company owners were thinking and drinking very heavily of and of their budgets. Even so, it was a downside better than having to equip yourself all by yourself at your own cost. Not always possible to do in those days because the earliest desktop computers, and they were quite big too, were quite expensive.

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Some of those old training instructors are still around today. Thank goodness for that, and millennials do take note that these folks have been there and done that where all the astounding changes in the computer industries are concerned. What you thought you knew, they may already have a ready answer for.