Summer camp, where the living is

We can promise some easy times, but we promise much, much more. Summer camp is a time to do so much more than swim and play games. Children between the ages of 12 and 16 are old enough to spend some time away from home. But their minds are ready to take in information like sponges. Make the most of it.

esl summer camp

An esl summer camp offers children of this age an amazing experience where almost subliminally they also get a full language immersion almost without noticing. Learning a language is about so much more than grammar and punctuation, and so our approach is to make it a minor part of the day.

But correct language usage underpins everything we do. Clearly, language is our focus, but it is reached by other means.

At our camp, we involve students locally. Depending on your program choice they could even get to live with a local family for a total immersion – although this doesn’t have to be part of the program.

Our aim is to transfer language via history, music, and local universities opening them up to the potential that language diversity truly offers.

We look for specialist teachers and educators and all are professionally trained & Education Board certified so your child will hear from subject matter experts on all of the various disciplines.

This is your chance to help your little ones get ahead of the curve. Not just on a second language, although that helps, but also, on being a part of another culture.

As you know it is one thing to be able to understand a language, but it is another to be able to join in a culture with all the references and even jokes. These summer camps will help your child get there.